Configuring fixed-coefficient active control systems for traffic noise reduction

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Journal Article
Building and Environment, 2019, 149 pp. 415 - 427
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© 2018 Elsevier Ltd Practical implementation of active noise control (ANC) systems for outdoor traffic noise reduction remains rare. One challenge is the difficulty of configuring an ANC controller due to moving noise sources, which are typically located far from ANC systems. In this paper, a pseudo noise source method is proposed for configuring fixed-coefficient feedforward ANC systems for traffic noise control. First, a minimum of one pseudo noise source is placed near an ANC system to determine the control coefficients in the tuning stage. Second, the ANC systems are run to reduce the noise from far-field traffic noise sources using the optimal control coefficients in the cancelling stage. The feasibility and limitations of the proposed method are investigated by illustrating the effect of the pseudo noise source position on the noise reduction performance of the ANC system. The simulation results show that the performance of the ANC system increases with distance when the pseudo noise sources move farther from the system but approaches a constant when the pseudo noise sources are in the far field. The indoor experimental results are consistent with the simulation results. The outdoor experimental results of a six-channel coupled system show a noise reduction of 3 dB below 500 Hz at the position of a dummy head.
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