GMAW metal transfer mode identification from welding sound

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Conference Proceeding
Australian Acoustical Society Annual Conference, AAS 2018, 2019, pp. 482 - 491
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© 2019 Australian Acoustical Society Annual Conference, AAS 2018. All rights reserved. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is an arc welding process that forms an electric arc between a consumable electrode and the base metal with a shielding gas to protect the arc. In GMAW, there are various metal transfer modes such as the short circuit mode, the globular mode, the spray mode, and the rotational transfer mode, which show different arc stabilities, weld pool penetrations and spatter production. Identifying the metal transfer mode is critical for process monitoring and quality control of GMAW. In this paper, a m ethod for metal transfer mode identification from the welding sound is presented. A recorder mounted on the welder helmet is used to record the sound signals generated by GMAW under different metal transfer modes, which are analysed in both time and frequency domains. New psychoacoustic parameters based on the auditory perception of an expert welder are extracted to distinguish the metal transfer modes. The Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) is utilised to identify the metal transfer mode from the welding sound signals and a 10-fold cross validation shows 90% recognition accuracy.
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