Heart simulator: A periodic pump to simulate the cardiac motion in an aortic test-rig

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Conference Proceeding
Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation, ACRA, 2017, 2017-December pp. 100 - 106
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A periodic pump that simulates blood ejection from human heart to aorta is the core element for building an aortic robotics test-rig. This paper is to describe the design of such a prototype human heart simulator and its performance under different working status, such as simulating the physiological states of a healthy adult and/or a child in sleep, relax and physical exercise. By balancing the cost and performance, this prototype has these specifications: (1) Using ordinary plumbing components and water to simulate the cardiac motion and blood flow. (2) Simulating the volume change of human heart chamber by controlling movement of a mechanical piston. (3) Performing a friendly user interface and delicate control via a MCU system with high reliability. (4) Simulated physiological output parameters such as volume per stroke, heart beat rate and waveform can be easily adjusted and monitored in real-time.
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