Development and optimisation data of a tissue digestion method for the isolation of orthopaedic wear particles

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Journal Article
Data in Brief, 2018, 20 pp. 173 - 177
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© 2018 The Authors The data contained within this article relate to several enzymatic tissue digestion experiments which were performed to produce an optimised protocol for the digestion of tissue samples. The digestion experiments involved a total of four different digestion protocols. The first protocol involved digestion with proteinase K, without the use of glycine. The second protocol involved digestion with proteinase K in the presence of glycine. The third protocol consisted of proteinase K digestion in the presence of glycine, with more frequent enzyme replenishment. The final protocol was similar to the third protocol but included a papain digestion stage prior to digestion with proteinase K. The data contained within this article are photographs of tissue samples which were captured at key stages of the four protocols and written descriptions based on visual observation of the tissue samples, which document the appearance of the tissue digests.
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