Application of the Social Network Analysis to Better Comprehend Relationships in Qualitative Health Data

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Journal Article
Studies in health technology and informatics, 2018, 252 pp. 86 - 91
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OBJECTIVE: To explore social network analysis (SNA) as an additional approach to elucidate quantifiable insight from qualitative health-related textual data. METHODS: Key concepts gained from thematic analyses of a set of qualitative health data obtained from an implementation study was analysed using the Excel Add-on module NodeXL. RESULTS: Our results show that SNA provided useful visualisation and quantifiable information of the relationship between key concepts obtained from the thematic analysis. DISCUSSION: SNA is a useful technique for exploring and analysing qualitative data, particularly when the research interest is in complex relationships that may exist among a large number of qualitative variables. In addition to providing a way to visualise the relationship between concepts, SNA provides metric measures that can be further analysed quantitatively. CONCLUSION: The SNA approach allows researchers to explore deeper relationships that may exist among various variables and enable researchers to derive potentially a fuller and more complete appreciation and comprehension of health-related data.
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