Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Vehicle Incorporating Hydraulically Interconnected Suspension System with Dual Accumulators

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Journal Article
Shock and Vibration, 2018, 2018
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© 2018 Shengzhao Chen et al. A novel roll-resistant hydraulically interconnected suspension with dual accumulators on each fluid circuit (DHIS) is proposed and dynamic characteristics of vehicle incorporating DHIS subsystem are studied in this paper. A 10-degrees-of-freedom (DOFs) vehicle model coupled with DHIS subsystem is established and validated. Four physical parameters of DHIS subsystems which are crucial to vehicle responses are selected with prescribed variation ranges to explore their relationships with the vehicle performance. Simulations of vehicle conducting sine-wave steering maneuvers are carried out to evaluate handling performance with roll angle and vertical tyre force for DHIS subsystem with the parameters varying, compared with the results for vehicle with the original spring-damper suspension and conventional hydraulically interconnected suspension (HIS). On the other hand, ride comfort performance indicated by total weighted root mean square accelerations at the center of gravity is studied when vehicle is excited by three different types of road pavements when the four parameters vary in the prescribed ranges. Simulation results are compared to investigate the special merits of DHIS subsystem, and the parameters that influence the handling performance and ride comfort most are identified. Overall, the DHIS subsystem can effectively enhance the vehicle handling performance compared with the original spring-damper suspension, and it can also benefit much to the ride comfort in contrast to the HIS subsystem.
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