Robust sensing suite for measuring temporal dynamics of surface temperature in sewers

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Journal Article
Scientific Reports, 2018, 8 (1)
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© 2018, The Author(s). Sewerage systems are paramount underground infrastructure assets for any nation. In most cities, they are old and have been exposed to significant microbial induced corrosion. It is a serious global problem as they pose threats to public health and economic repercussions to water utilities. For managing sewer assets efficaciously, it is vital to predict the rate of corrosion. Predictive models of sewer corrosion incorporate concrete surface temperature measurements as an observation. However, currently, it has not been fully utilized due to unavailability of a proven sensor. This study reports the feasibility of infrared radiometer for measuring the surface temperature dynamics in the aggressive sewer conditions. The infrared sensor was comprehensively evaluated in the laboratory at different environmental conditions. Then, the sensor suite was deployed in a Sydney based sewer for three months to perform continuous measurements of surface temperature variations. The field study revealed the suitability of the developed sensor suite for non-contact surface temperature measurements in hostile sewer conditions. Further, the accuracy of the sensor measurements was improved by calibrating the sensor with emissivity coefficient of the sewer concrete. Overall, this study will ameliorate the present sewer corrosion monitoring capabilities by providing new data to models predicting sewer corrosion.
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