Finite-control-set model predictive direct torque control of PMSMs with virtual space vectors

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Proceedings of the 2017 12th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, ICIEA 2017, 2018, 2018-February pp. 1427 - 1430
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© 2017 IEEE. The finite-control-set model predictive direct torque control (FCS-MPDTC) is a novel control scheme. A key feature of FCS-MPDTC is that the possible voltage space vectors of the power converters are taken into account as the control input of the drive system. A cost function is used in FCS-MPDTC to evaluate each possible voltage space vector and the one with minimum cost is selected. Due to the noticeable torque and flux ripples of FCS-MPDTC, a novel FCS-MPDTC with virtual voltage space vectors is proposed in this paper. To mitigate the computational burden caused by increased voltage space vectors, a pre-selective scheme is designed to filter out the impractical voltage vectors instead of evaluating all twenty voltage space vectors.
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