Sin Descansar, En Mi Memoria

ANU Press
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2017, pp. 1 - 243
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This is a revised and extended Spanish version of Narrow But Endlessly Deep. A year has passed since the English version of our book Narrow but Endlessly Deep. The Struggle for Memorialisation in Chile since the Transition to Democracy was published. Since then, developments in certain sites have advanced well beyond the original story and much new information has emerged from various important sources. Equally importantly, our interpretations of certain events and personalities have changed in the light of the new revelations. This is why we have substantially re-written each chapter and given a new title to this book. Having to address Spanish-speaking readers has also necessitated a critical re-evaluation of the material which in some cases, though it may be ‘new’ and ‘interesting’ to English-speaking readers, constitutes basic knowledge for those born and bred in Hispanic cultures. As a result of these considerable changes and transformations, and the additions of new material not included in the English version, this Spanish–language text far exceeds a mere translation, and thus circulates as a distinct work of new historical critique and knowledge in its own right.
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