Modeling of mass transfer enhancement in a magnetofluidic micromixer

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Journal Article
Physics of Fluids, 2019, 31 (6)
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© 2019 Author(s). The use of magnetism for various microfluidic functions such as separation, mixing, and pumping has been attracting great interest from the research community as this concept is simple, effective, and of low cost. Magnetic control avoids common problems of active microfluidic manipulation such as heat, surface charge, and high ionic concentration. The majority of past works on micromagnetofluidic devices were experimental, and a comprehensive numerical model to simulate the fundamental transport phenomena in these devices is still lacking. The present study aims to develop a numerical model to simulate transport phenomena in microfluidic devices with ferrofluid and fluorescent dye induced by a nonuniform magnetic field. The numerical results were validated by experimental data from our previous work, indicating a significant increase in mass transfer. The model shows a reasonable agreement with experimental data for the concentration distribution of both magnetic and nonmagnetic species. Magnetoconvective secondary flow enhances the transport of nonmagnetic fluorescent dye. A subsequent parametric analysis investigated the effect of the magnetic field strength and nanoparticle size on the mass transfer process. Mass transport of the fluorescent dye is enhanced with increasing field strength and size of magnetic particles.
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