Scripting for screen and space : how alternative exhibition formats such as virtual reality are impacting poetic documentary practice

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The emergence of immersive technology, such as the meta-medium of Virtual Reality (VR, 360°, CVR) offers an alternative exhibition platform for audiovisual content. It highlights the assumption of the screen as a pervading and determining influence over all stages of production practice, from concept to exhibition. This assumption is challenged by an investigation into the scripting methodology of poetic documentary sequences designed for exhibition on screens as well as in ‘space’ in the form of VR and explores the impact of immersive meta-media on scripting practice. Scripting for screen has traditional templates that govern the way a story is told for a production crew to execute it as footage and for an audience to engage with it. Experiments with an emerging scripting tool, as a dual-pane colour-coded system (the Petridis Prototype), indicate a text-based scripting template for immersive narratives may be useful from pre-production through to post production.
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