Precise static happens-before analysis for detecting UAF order violations in android

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Proceedings - 2019 IEEE 12th International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation, ICST 2019, 2019, pp. 276 - 287
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© 2019 IEEE. Unlike Java, Android provides a rich set of APIs to support a hybrid concurrency system, which consists of both Java threads and an event queue mechanism for dispatching asynchronous events. In this model, concurrency errors often manifest themselves in the form of order violations. An order violation occurs when two events access the same shared object in an incorrect order, causing unexpected program behaviors (e.g., null pointer dereferences). This paper presents SARD, a static analysis tool for detecting both intra-and inter-thread use-after-free (UAF) order violations, when a pointer is dereferenced (used) after it no longer points to any valid object, through systematic modeling of Android's concurrency mechanism. We propose a new flow-and context-sensitive static happens-before (HB) analysis to reason about the interleavings between two events to effectively identify precise HB relations and eliminate spurious event interleavings. We have evaluated SARD by comparing with NADROID, a state-of-the-art static order violation detection tool for Android. SARD outperforms NADROID in terms of both precision (by reporting three times fewer false alarms than NADROID given the same set of apps used by NADROID) and efficiency (by running two orders of magnitude faster than NADROID).
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