Is salinity the only water quality parameter affected when saline water is disposed in rivers?

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International Journal of Salt Lake Research, 1998, 7 pp. 285 - 300
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The effect of saline lake water disposal from the Lough Culvert Drainnge Schel11e on waLeI' quality of the Barwon River, in south west Victoria. Australia. was investigated. The Scheme is Llsed to regulate the levels of several saline h.lke~ outside the Barwon'~ catchment. This study found Lhat the disposal of saline lake water' was associ<lted with increased total phosphorus. PO,J, TKN. suspended solids, electrical conductivity ,Ind stream discharge and lower NOx in the Barwon River. Thus. when disposing of saline water, ractors other than salinity should be considered in order to prevent an impact on the aquatic environment. At present this is gener~dly not done. The results are disclissed with reference to the effects of saline w<Her dispos~1I on aquatic biota and how the effect of saline hlke water disposal on water quality I11<1Y differ from the disposal of saline groundwater,
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