A four-stage method for active control with online feedback path modelling using control signal

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Journal Article
Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 2019, 9 (15)
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© 2019 by the authors. The presence of control signal feedback to the reference microphone in feedforward active control systems deteriorates the control performance. A four-stage method is proposed in this paper to carry out online feedback path modelling with the control signal. It consists of controller initialization, feedback path modelling using decorrelation filters, active control operation, and feedback path change detection for maintaining the control operation. In contrast to the existing auxiliary noise injection method, the proposed method uses five switches and three thresholds to control and maintain the system stability by avoiding the interference between control operation and feedback path modelling, and adaptive decorrelation filters are used to increase the feedback path modelling performance. Simulation results reveal that the proposed method is capable of tracking feedback path changes without injecting any auxiliary noise and maintaining the noise reduction performance and stability of the system.
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