UTSP: User-Based Two-Step Recommendation with Popularity Normalization towards Diversity and Novelty

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2019, 7 pp. 145426 - 145434
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© 2013 IEEE. Information technologies such as e-commerce and e-news bring overloaded information as well as convenience to users, cooperatives and companies. Recommender system is a significant technology in solving this information overload problem. Due to the outstanding accuracy performance in top-N recommendation tasks, two-step recommendation algorithms are suitable to generate recommendations. However, their recommendation lists are biased towards popular items. In this paper, we propose a user based two-step recommendation algorithm with popularity normalization to improve recommendation diversity and novelty, as well as two evaluation metrics to measure diverse and novel performance. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed approach significantly improves the diversity and novelty performance while still inheriting the advantage of two-step recommendation approaches on accuracy metrics.
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