Heterogeneous catalyst ozonation of Direct Black 22 from aqueous solution in the presence of metal slags originating from industrial solid wastes

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Separation and Purification Technology, 2020, 233
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© 2019 Elsevier B.V. This study developed a low cost catalyst, namely, zinc slag (Zn-S) for the ozonation process of Direct Black 22 (DB22) from aqueous solutions. Among five different kind of low cost metal slags including Fe-S, Cu-S, Cd-S, Pb-S and Zn-S, the Zn-S slag was selected as an efficient catalyst in this study. Zn-S contained mainly zinc (Zn) and calcium (Ca) discharged from zinc slag waste in Vietnam. It was found that Zn-S could effectively decolonize and mineralize DB22 through heterogeneous catalytic ozonation. The degradation kinetic of DB22 followed the pseudo-first order model. The best removal efficiency of DB22 (Zn-S/O3/H2O2 (76%) > Zn-S/O3 (69%) > O3/H2O2 (66%) > O3 (55% for COD) occurred at pH 11 for heterogeneous catalytic ozonation processes with Zn-S as the catalyst as well as ozone alone and perozone processes due to fast decomposition of O3 in alkaline solution to generate powerful and non-selective OH radicals. An increase in decolonization and mineralization rate was observed when increasing the Zn-S dosage from 0.125 g/L to 0.75 g/L for Zn-S/O3 and 0.125 g/L to 1.0 g/L for Zn-S/O3/H2O2. The K values of the pseudo-first order model followed the same sequence as mineralization rates of DB22 in term of COD removal. Ca and Zn constituents in the Zn-S catalyst contributed to the increase in O3 decomposition and improvement of reaction rate with H2O2. Subsequently, the degradation of DB22 by the ozonation process with Zn-S catalyst was enhanced through the enrichment mechanism of hydroxyl radicals (*OH) and surface adsorption. The degradation mechanism of DB22 by hydroxyl radicals was surely affirmed by tests with the decrease in degradation percentage of DB22 in case of the presence t-butanol, Cl− and CO32−.
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