Linearly Polarized Shaped Power Pattern Synthesis with Dynamic Range Ratio Control for Arbitrary Antenna Arrays

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2019, 7 pp. 53621 - 53628
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© 2013 IEEE. This paper extends the semidefinite relaxation (SDR) method to be capable of synthesizing linearly polarized shaped patterns with accurate control of sidelobe level (SLL), cross-polarization level (XPL), and dynamic range ratio (DRR) of the excitation distribution for arbitrary antenna arrays. In addition, by using the vectorial active element patterns, mutual coupling and platform effect can be also incorporated into the proposed vectorial shaped pattern synthesis. Three examples for synthesizing linearly polarized patterns with different pattern shape requirements and different antenna array geometries have been conducted to check the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed method. Compared to the original vectorial shaped pattern synthesis without DRR control, the proposed method with the DRR control can significantly reduce the obtained DRR which is very useful in many antenna array applications.
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