Comprehensive influences measurement and analysis of power converter low frequency current ripple on PEM fuel cell

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Journal Article
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2019, 44 (59), pp. 31352 - 31359
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© 2019 Hydrogen Energy Publications LLC To deeply understand the influences of power converter's low frequency current ripple (LFCR) and harmonics on a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) in its power conditioning system (PCS), a comprehensive measurement and analysis of the influences of LFCR and harmonics on PEMFC's performance and durability is investigated in this paper. Based on an equivalent circuit model of PEMFC stack and a mechanism model for evaluating the LFCR effects on the PEMFC, this paper studies primarily and systematically the comprehensive influences of LFCR and harmonics on PEMFC performances and durability, such as (1) degrading the PEMFC performance, (2) shortening the lifetime of PEMFC, (3) reducing the stack output power, (4) lowing its availability efficiency, (5) producing more heat and raising the PEMFC temperature, (6) consuming more fuel, and (7) decreasing the fuel utilization. Finally, a Horizon 300 W PEMFC stack is implemented and tested.
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