IDGCP: Image Dehazing Based on Gamma Correction Prior

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2020, 29 pp. 3104 - 3118
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© 1992-2012 IEEE. This paper introduces a novel and effective image prior, i.e., gamma correction prior (GCP), which leads to an efficient image dehazing method, i.e., IDGCP. A step-by-step procedure of the proposed IDGCP is as follows. First, an input hazy image is preprocessed by the proposed GCP, resulting in a homogeneous virtual transformation of the hazy image. Then, from the original input hazy image and its virtual transformation, the depth ratio is extracted based on atmospheric scattering theory. Finally, a 'global-wise' strategy and a vision indicator are employed to recover the scene albedo, thus restoring the hazy image. Unlike other image dehazing methods, IDGCP is based on the 'global-wise' strategy, and it only needs to determine one unknown constant without any refining process to attain a high-quality restoration, thereby leading to significantly reduced processing time and computation cost. Each step of IDGCP is tested experimentally to validate its robustness. Moreover, a series of experiments are conducted on a number of challenging images with IDGCP and other state-of-the-art technologies, demonstrating the superiority of IDGCP over the others in terms of restoration quality and implementation efficiency.
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