Advanced gravitational search algorithm with modified exploitation strategy

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Conference Proceeding
Conference Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 2019, 2019-October pp. 1056 - 1061
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© 2019 IEEE. Gravitational search algorithm (GSA) is a novel technique as compared to other heuristic methods and depends pon the gravitational forces between masses. It showed better performance in terms of convergence but has slow exploitation ability due to the fitness function effect on masses; they are getting heavier after every iteration. Therefore, masses are getting closer to each other and nullify the gravitational forces on each other avoiding them from swiftly exploiting the optimum. In order to solve this problem in this paper, an advanced gravitational search algorithm (AGSA) with modified exploitation strategy is proposed. The reason for the modification is that the agents will reach the optimum point swiftly and the convergence is much faster as compared to the standard and other improved versions of GSA available in the literature. AGSA is also compared with the standard and modified Particle Swarm optimization algorithm in this paper. Five benchmark functions have been implemented to assess the efficiency of the presented algorithm. In addition, a standard, constrained, design problem of a pressure vessel design is also used to examine the efficiency of the proposed technique. Simulation results empirically validated that the presented algorithm has remarkably better results in accordance with convergence and solution stability when compared to the other methods.
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