Teatro della terra alienata, Australian national pavilion at the XXII Milan Triennial, 2019

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Teatro Della Terra Alienata responds to the recent mass coral bleaching events that rendered visible the plausible death of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). The exhibition frames the decay of the GBR as a wicked problem that demands alternative political imaginaries and addresses the urgency raised by recent United Nations IPCC reports. In 2018, the Australian government decided to partially outsource the preservation of the earth's largest living structure to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, a charity supported by major mining and insurance companies, banks, and airlines. The current preservation of the GBR is driven by technocratic strategies in which a technological apparatus monitors and manicures the “natural spectacle.” The exhibition portrays this technological arsenal as a theatre of distraction that conceals the biggest threats to the GBR’s survival: the global dependency on fossil fuels and unbridled growth, and the impacts of a local economy devoted to mining, fracking, and intensive agriculture. Inspired by the Xenofeminist Manifesto, the Teatro proposes the reappropriation and resignification of preexisting technologies and infrastructures of natural preservation and mineral extraction. It stages a fictional territorial alienation of the GBR and its catchment areas from the domain of extractivist capitalism and imagines its reterritorialization through an economic rationality centered on the notion of joy.
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