Tensile performance of basalt fiber composites with open circular holes and straight notches

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International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 2020, 176, pp. 105517-105517
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© 2020 Elsevier Ltd Basalt fiber composites have attracted increasing attention in recent years due to their advantages over carbon fiber composites in many aspects such as lower cost, environmental friendliness, superior heat resistance and ductility. Notches in structural components are unavoidable in practical applications. In the present study, the effects of notch shape and size on the tensile properties of basalt fiber laminates were investigated by experiment, finite element analysis and theoretical calculation. Specimens were prepared using laminates reinforced by plain woven basalt or carbon fiber fabrics and machined with an open circular hole or straight notch. Standard tensile tests were conducted and recorded using digital image correlation, aiming to measure the full-field surface strain. Continuum damage mechanics based finite element models were developed to predict stress concentration factors and failure processes of notched specimens. The characteristic distances of the stress criterion models were calibrated by the experimental results of un-notched and notched specimens so that failure of basalt fiber laminates with circular and straight notches could be analytically predicted.
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