A review of the key sensitive parameters on the aerodynamic performance of a horizontal wind turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling

AIMS Press
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Journal Article
AIMS Energy, 2020, 8, (3), pp. 493-524
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Renewable energy technologies are receiving much attention to replacing power plants operated by fossil and nuclear fuels. Of all the renewable technologies, wind power has been successfully implemented in several countries. There are several parameters in the aerodynamic characteristics and design of the horizontal wind turbine. This paper highlights the key sensitive parameters that affect the aerodynamic performance of the horizontal wind turbine, such as environmental conditions, blade shape, airfoil configuration and tip speed ratio. Different turbulence models applied to predict the flow around the horizontal wind turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling are reviewed. Finally, the challenges and concluding remarks for future research directions in wind turbine design are discussed.
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