Hooshmand: Intelligence and Emotion Entangled in a Simulation Game

Springer Nature
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Neo-Simulation and Gaming Toward Active Learning, 2019, pp. 397-406
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In Persian “Hooshmand” means intelligence. The simulation Hoosmand-1 creates a clash between intellectual objectivity and emotional reactions to unexpected events. The simulated environment challenges skilled and experienced senior project managers to navigate their way through a set of complex decisions. Initial conditions are complicated but comprehensible, requiring application of knowledge and diligence. Then factors altering the context are introduced to create complex conditions in which standard responses no longer apply. We review outcomes of the project for which Hooshmand-1 was designed. In regard to project portfolio management, cost-benefit ratios and business strategies received more attention than resource availability. In regard to quality decision-making, the effectiveness of team cognition shows up as a key factor shaping performance under stress. “Black Swan” events, Groupthink traps, and Abilene Paradox thinking can all inhibit quality decisions, and Hooshmand-1 provides a context for their emergence and thoughtful analysis.
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