Introducing national osteopathy practice-based research networks in Australia and New Zealand: an overview to inform future osteopathic research.

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Journal Article
Scientific reports, 2020, 10, (1), pp. 846
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Both the Osteopathic Research Innovation Network (ORION) and the Osteopathy Research Connect-New Zealand (ORC-NZ) are practice-based research networks (PBRNs) recently established in Australia and New Zealand. This paper highlights the profile of the osteopaths participating in each PBRN in order to encourage and facilitate further related research in osteopathy. All registered osteopaths in Australia and New Zealand were invited to participate in the ORION and ORC-NZ PBRNs, respectively. This paper presents practice and sociodemographic characteristics of the osteopaths that elected to join the PBRN in their country. A total of 253 registered osteopaths in New Zealand (48.7%) agreed to join ORC-NZ while 992 registered osteopaths in Australia (44.5%) joined ORION. Membership of both PBRNs reflect national geographical spread, and diverse personal and practice characteristics. Combined membership of both PBRNs represents 45.3% of all registered osteopaths in Australasia and 7.7% of the global osteopathic profession. The PBRNs, independently and in combination, hold much potential to advance the evidence-base and capacity of osteopathy research. Both ORION and ORC-NZ PBRNs are powerful, innovative resources available to other interested parties to help conduct further osteopathy research in Australia and New Zealand.
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