relocating reflection in the context of practice

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Beyond Reflective Practice, 2010, 1, pp. 25 - 36
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Notions of reflection and reflective practice have hecome well established in professional education since the late 1980s. While some applications of these 1deas m courses have distorted their original intentions and taken an excessively instrumental. approach to their use, they have nevertheless provided useful frammg deVICes to help conceptualise some important processes in profeSSIOnal learnmg. One of the reasons why they were readily accepted is because they sh:u:ed an individualised view of learning with the very program?, e~ In whIch they were used. In the 2000s we are, however, seeing a q,:,esrlOO!ng ?f an overly individualistic view of learning previously associated with reflectIOn, a f~us on the nature of professional practice and an exploratlOn of alternatIve conceptions chat view reflection within the context of serrings wh~ch necessarily have more of a group- or team-based work oneoratlOn. ThIS chapter questions whether we should reject earlier views of reflection, rehabilitate them to capture their previous potential or move to new ways of tegarding reflection that are more in keeping with what we know abour the context of practice
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