Withaferin A activates TRIM16 for its anti-cancer activity in melanoma.

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Journal Article
Scientific reports, 2020, 10, (1)
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Although selective BRAF inhibitors and novel immunotherapies have improved short-term treatment responses in metastatic melanoma patients, acquired resistance to these therapeutics still represent a major challenge in clinical practice. In this study, we evaluated the efficacy of Withaferin A (WFA), derived from the medicinal plant Withania Somnifera, as a novel therapeutic agent for the treatment of melanoma. WFA showed selective toxicity to melanoma cells compared to non-malignant cells. WFA induced apoptosis, significantly reduced cell proliferation and inhibited migration of melanoma cells. We identified that repression of the tumour suppressor TRIM16 diminished WFA cytotoxicity, suggesting that TRIM16 was in part responsible for the cytotoxic effects of WFA in melanoma cells. Together our data indicates that WFA has potent cytopathic effects on melanoma cells through TRIM16, suggesting a potential therapeutic application of WFA in the disease.
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