Tales of power

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Journal Article
Journal of Political Power, 2021, 14, (1), pp. 27-50
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In the form of an interview between two colleagues, this paperexplores 50 years of power theorizing by Stewart Clegg, from hisearly doctoral days to the present day. The origins of his approachto power in a combination of structuralism, Wittgenstein and ethnomethodologyare explored. The background to his early work,whose empirics were based on the analysis of conversational materials,are outlined, as well as how it became a publication. Therationale and context of subsequent significant contributions tothe power debate are engaged. Elsewhere, the power debatehad moved from Lukes’ three dimensions of power to fourdimensions, the provenance of which is critically evaluated. Inorder to exemplify the practical implications of these theoreticalreflections, the conversation goes on to address some currentissues associated with the coronavirus pandemic and the relationsbetween democracy and elites.
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