Nano-synergy enables highly reversible storage of 9.2 wt% hydrogen at mild conditions with lithium borohydride

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Journal Article
Nano Energy, 2021, 83, pp. 105839-105839
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In this work, we report an effective synthetic strategy to obtain LiBH4 featuring low-temperature and highly reversible hydrogen cycling. This is achieved by a unique nanocomposite structure where LiBH4 nanoparticles of 5–10 nm on graphene are decorated by Ni nanocrystals of 2–4 nm. The prepared LiBH4 nanocomposite reversibly desorbs and absorbs ~9.2 wt% hydrogen at 300 °C with a stable cyclability for up to 100 cycles, superior to all the literature results reported so far. The decisive factor affecting the hydrogen cycling is the reactivity of boron toward hydrogen. The formation of stable B12H122- cluster during hydrogen cycling has been successfully prevented. The synergetic effects of nanostructuring and nanocatalysis lead to efficient formation of BH4¯ during hydrogenation and elemental boron during dehydrogenation. This breakthrough sheds light on new strategies to explore borohydride family for practical hydrogen storage applications.
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