The Adoption of Mobile Health Applications by Patients in Developing Countries: A Systematic Review

The Science and Information Organization
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Journal Article
International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 2021, 12, (4), pp. 16-21
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Mobile health (m-health) apps adoption in developing countries is a new research area in the healthcare industry. M-health is comparatively recent in information systems, with little attention being paid to it developing countries in the previous years. Applications of the m-health strategies in developing nations are considered one of the best platforms for guaranteeing the citizenry’s safety and healthcare security. A systematic review was conducted of m-health apps adoption by patients in developing countries to evaluate the current results. It reviews 22 papers that were published on the topic of m-health adoption in developing countries in academic journals and conferences over the last decade. It identifies the research in terms of research methodologies, theories and models adopted, significant factors identified, limitations and recommendations. Findings show there is a limited contribution to m-health apps adoption in developing countries. Most studies employed TAM and focused on the technological and individual levels; very low intention has been made to health-related factors, levels, and theories. The review presents a broad overview of previous academic studies with a view to future research.
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