Talent Management in the ‘New Normal’ – Case Study of Indian IT Services Multinationals in China

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Journal Article
Thunderbird International Business Review, 2021
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Emerging market multinational corporations (MNCs) are coming under increasing scrutiny for their international performance. While the success of Indian IT multinationals in the West has been extensively researched and reported, there is a lack of research on their relative failure in China. The rise of economic nationalism and the COVID-19 pandemic pose challenges for the mobility of professionals and the global talent management (GTM) strategy of MNCs. Through in-depth interviews with senior managers from four well-known Indian IT services multinationals, this article presents an evidence-based critique of the design and implementation of their GTM strategy both inside and outside China. It focuses specifically on the quality of the IT talent pool in China, control and coordination issues, and the challenges of workforce localization.
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