Topological Design of Multi-Material Compliant Mechanisms with Global Stress Constraints

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Journal Article
Micromachines, 12, (11), pp. 1379-1379
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This paper presents an approach for the topological design of multi-material compliant mechanisms with global stress constraints. The element stacking method and the separable stress interpolation scheme are applied to calculate the element stiffness and element stress of multi-material structures. The output displacement of multi-material compliant mechanisms is maximized under the constraints of the maximum stress and the structural volume of each material. The modified P-norm method is applied to aggregate the local von Mises stress constraints for all the finite elements to a global stress constraint. The sensitivities are calculated by the adjoint method, and the method of moving asymptotes is utilized to update the optimization problem. Several numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. The appearance of the de facto hinges in the optimal mechanisms can be suppressed effectively by using the topology optimization model with global stress constraints, and the stress constraints for each material can be met.
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