Fuzzy-Based Distributed Cooperative Secondary Control with Stability Analysis for Microgrids

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Journal Article
Electronics, 2021, 10, (4), pp. 1-25
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This research suggests a novel distributed cooperative control methodology for a secondary controller in islanded microgrids (MGs). The proposed control technique not only brings back the frequency/voltage to its reference values, but also maintains precise active and reactive power-sharing among distributed generation (DG) units by means of a sparse communication system. Due to the dynamic behaviour of distributed secondary control (DSC), stability issues are a great concern for a networked MG. To address this issue, the stability analysis is undertaken systematically, utilizing the small-signal state-space linearized model of considering DSC loops and parameters. As the dynamic behaviour of DSC creates new oscillatory modes, an intelligent fuzzy logic-based parameter-tuner is proposed for enhancing the system stability. Accurate tuning of the DSC parameters can develop the functioning of the control system, which increases MG stability to a greater extent. Moreover, the performance of the offered control method is proved by conducting a widespread simulation considering several case scenarios in MATLAB/Simscape platform. The proposed control method addresses the dynamic nature of the MG by supporting the plug-and-play functionality, and working even in fault conditions. Finally, the convergence and comparison study of the offered control system is shown.
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