Modeling of Vector Magnetic Hysteresis of Soft Magnetic Composite Material

ASEMA and HTS World Pty. Ltd.
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Journal Article
Journal of Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetics, 2010, 1 (1), pp. 142 - 146
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Thanks to the unique magnetic properties, soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials and their application in electromagnetic devices have achieved significant development. The typical application example of SMC is the electrical machine with complex structure, such as claw pole and transverse flux machines, in which the magnetic field is basically rotary. To design and analyze such a device, vector magnetic properties of the core material should be properly determined, modeled and applied. This paper presents the modeling of vector magnetic hysteresis of SMC based on a Stoner-Wohlfarh (S-W) elemental operator. A phenomenological mean-field approximation is used to consider the interaction between particles. With the presented model, the magnetization processes of SMC under both alternating and rotating fluxes are numerically simulated. The simulations have been verified by experimental measurements.
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