An Effective In-Field Calibration Method for Triaxial Magnetometers Based on Local Magnetic Inclination

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2021, 70
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This article presents an innovative in-field calibration method for portable triaxial magnetometers (TMs). For in-field calibration of portable sensors, it is difficult to provide accurately measured inputs to each sensitivity axis due to the unavailability of high-precision turntables. Because of this limitation, most existing in-field calibration methods often require nonlinear optimization to identify model parameters. According to the fact that the angle between the local gravity and magnetic field is invariant, a new in-field calibration approach called inclination-based calibration (I-Calibration) was proposed. The I-Calibration could reliably estimate model parameters of the magnetometers by simply using a linear least square estimator. A 12-observation icosahedron experimental scheme was performed for a microinertial measurement unit, which contains both triaxial accelerometers (TAs) and TMs. The effectiveness, as well as the robustness with the misalignments of the TAs and TMs, of the proposed calibration method, was first verified by using numerical simulations. Thereafter, in real data experiments, the proposed method was compared with an existing calibration approach, namely, magnitude-based calibration (M-Calibration), which is based on the fact that the magnitude of the local magnetic field is invariant. The calibrated results together with the comparison between the two methods demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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