Interval-valued probabilistic hesitant fuzzy set-based framework for group decision-making with unknown weight information

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Journal Article
Neural Computing and Applications, 2021, 33, (7), pp. 2445-2457
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This paper aims at presenting a new decision framework under an interval-valued probabilistic hesitant fuzzy set (IVPHFS) context with fully unknown weight information. At first, the weights of the attributes are determined by using the interval-valued probabilistic hesitant deviation method. Later, the DMs’ weights are determined by using a recently proposed evidence theory-based Bayesian approximation method under the IVPHFS context. The preferences are aggregated by using a newly extended generalized Maclaurin symmetric mean operator under the IVPHFS context. Further, the alternatives are prioritized by using an interval-valued probabilistic hesitant complex proportional assessment method. From the proposed framework, the following significances are inferred; for example, it uses a generalized preference structure that provides ease and flexibility to the decision-makers (DMs) during preference elicitation; weights are calculated systematically to mitigate inaccuracies and subjective randomness; interrelationship among attributes are effectively captured; and alternatives are prioritized from different angles by properly considering the nature of the attributes. Finally, the applicability of the framework is validated by using green supplier selection for a leading bakery company, and from the comparison, it is observed that the framework is useful, practical and systematic for rational decision-making and robust and consistent from sensitivity analysis of weights and Spearman correlation of rank values, respectively.
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