Analog-Domain Suppression of Strong Interference Using Hybrid Antenna Array.

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Journal Article
Sensors (Basel), 2022, 22, (6)
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The proliferation of wireless applications, the ever-increasing spectrum crowdedness, as well as cell densification makes the issue of interference increasingly severe in many emerging wireless applications. Most interference management/mitigation methods in the literature are problem-specific and require some cooperation/coordination between different radio frequency systems. Aiming to seek a more versatile solution to counteracting strong interference, we resort to the hybrid array of analog subarrays and suppress interference in the analog domain so as to greatly reduce the required quantization bits of the analog-to-digital converters and their power consumption. To this end, we design a real-time algorithm to steer nulls towards the interference directions and maintain flat in non-interference directions, solely using constant-modulus phase shifters. To ensure sufficient null depth for interference suppression, we also develop a two-stage method for accurately estimating interference directions. The proposed solution can be applicable to most (if not all) wireless systems as neither training/reference signal nor cooperation/coordination is required. Extensive simulations show that more than 65 dB of suppression can be achieved for 3 spatially resolvable interference signals yet with random directions.
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