Taking It Personally: 3D Bioprinting a Patient-Specific Cardiac Patch for the Treatment of Heart Failure.

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Journal Article
Bioengineering (Basel), 2022, 9, (3), pp. 93
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Despite a massive global preventative effort, heart failure remains the major cause of death globally. The number of patients requiring a heart transplant, the eventual last treatment option, far outnumbers the available donor hearts, leaving many to deteriorate or die on the transplant waiting list. Treating heart failure by transplanting a 3D bioprinted patient-specific cardiac patch to the infarcted region on the myocardium has been investigated as a potential future treatment. To date, several studies have created cardiac patches using 3D bioprinting; however, testing the concept is still at a pre-clinical stage. A handful of clinical studies have been conducted. However, moving from animal studies to human trials will require an increase in research in this area. This review covers key elements to the design of a patient-specific cardiac patch, divided into general areas of biological design and 3D modelling. It will make recommendations on incorporating anatomical considerations and high-definition motion data into the process of 3D-bioprinting a patient-specific cardiac patch.
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