Project management maturity and project success in NSW local government

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Reforms in New South Wales (NSW) local government required councils to demonstrate that they were being efficient and effective in their day-to-day operations. The reform requirements and performance reporting focused on operational and financial measures and did not provide direction on project performance reporting. Project performance impacts both operational and financial measures and so its inclusion in general performance reporting would allow councils to demonstrate the necessary efficiency and effectiveness required by the NSW state government. To demonstrate a measurable improvement in project objectives a baseline measure of local government project performance was required. This led to an investigation into project management maturity. In order to measure project management maturity a new PMMM was developed in the form of the Local Government Project Management Maturity Model (LGPM3). Thus the first research question was to determine the existing project management maturity levels in NSW local government. The second research question sought to add to the body of knowledge in regard to the relationship between higher project management maturity and project success. Elements of the model were also used to assess public value creation using Moore’s (1995) Strategic Triangle.
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