Investigation into the Trampoline Dynamic Characteristics and Analysis of Double Bounce Vibrations.

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Journal Article
Sensors (Basel), 2022, 22, (8), pp. 2916
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Double bounce is an unusual and potentially very hazardous phenomenon that most trampoline users may have experienced, yet few would have really understood how and why it occurs. This paper provides an in-depth investigation into the double bounce. Firstly, the static and dynamic characteristics of a recreational trampoline are analysed theoretically and verified through experiments. Then, based on the developed trampoline dynamic model, double bounce simulation is conducted with two medicine balls released with different time delays. Through simulation, the process of double bounce is presented in detail, which comprehensively reveals how energy is transferred between users during double bounce. Furthermore, the effect of release time delay on double bounce is also presented. Finally, we conducted an experiment which produced similar results to the simulation and validated the reliability of the trampoline dynamic model and double bounce theoretical analysis.
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