Mobile Technologies: Enhancing Teaching in Australian Literature

Common Ground
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Journal Article
International Journal of the Book, 2011, 1, 8 (2011), pp. 1 - 14
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The purpose of this study is to explore teaching practices which incorporate mobile learning technologies in order to improve learning in the delivery of subjects in the Humanities. The focus is an Australian literature subject offered to students enrolled in a Bachelor of Education. Many students of the `Z generation appreciate the style of learning and pattern of communication promoted by the use of mobile technologies (Green & Hannon, 2007). Podcasts and video podcasts have the potential to engage students interests and enhance learning outcomes. Distinctive characteristics of mobile learning tasks relate to flexibility, autonomy, authenticity. Mobile technologies can facilitate conversations and social networking as well as individualise the access, production and exchange of information. The experience of the `book can be enriched through multi-modality. While examples are drawn from the field of literature, the strategies are relevant to various areas of study and have applications for primary, secondary and tertiary teachers.
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