Synthesis and Applications of Boron-Carbon-Nitrogen Containing H-rich Compounds as Hydrogen Carriers

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Hydrogen-rich compounds containing boron (B), nitrogen (N), and carbon (C) have attracted wide research attention for hydrogen storage. Borane-amine complexes are among the most promising candidates, but so far all the reported systems have various drawbacks. This PhD project invented a novel hydrogen delivery system employing borane-amine complexes and organic amines, which demonstrated a high hydrogen capacity and favourable dehydrogenation and regeneration performance. A typical setup involves ethylenediamine bisborane (EDAB) and ethylenediamine (ED), catalysed by Pt/C, producing six equivalents of hydrogen gas per equivalent of EDAB in less than ten minutes at room temperature. After releasing hydrogen gas, the dehydrogenation product was successfully regenerated at room temperature.
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