Two Waters: Warburdar & Wai

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Two Waters: Warburdar & Wai is a study aimed at understanding the cultural significance of water for Indigenous peoples. Using an Indigenous storytelling approach, this creative research blends film, story, projection, sound and design to create a new immersive sensory experience that raises consciousness of the sacred nature of water and our environment. To explore this, Giovanni looks at the relational aspect of water, trees and their cultural and historic connections to Indigenous peoples. This draws upon Giovanni’s two cultural heritages, Aboriginal and Māori, as a basis for the work and reflects upon the commonalities between these two Indigenous worldviews. Through Indigenous storytelling methodology, design-led research, film design and lighting practices, this study illuminates the cultural significance of water. Showcasing these Indigenous practices of sustainability to wider audiences is essential in raising awareness of water and the environmentally stressful impacts of globalisation. The Two Waters concept breaks down nation-state boundaries to reveal the commonalities of two Indigenous knowledge systems and the challenges faced by these ancient societies in protecting water. Two Waters uses cinematic practices, storytelling, space, sound design and projection to create and exercise a form of immersive video design for exhibition and exegesis.
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