Exploring Extended Realities in Environmental Artistic Expression through Interactive Video Projections

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Journal Article
Big Data and Cognitive Computing, 2022, 6, (4), pp. 125
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The paper discusses the role of artistic expression and practices in extending realities. It presents a reflection and framework for VR/AR/MxR, Virtual Reality to Augmented or Mixed, or Extended Realities, as a continuum from completely virtual to mixed to completely real. It also reflects on the role of contemporary art practices and their role in extending or augmenting realities, from figurative to abstract, street art, to the scale of landscape art. Furthermore, the paper discusses the notion of live performance in art, which is common in music, contrasting a real-time ‘improvisation’ practice and composition practices, again a continuum as several mixed modes do exist. An effective technique for extending realities is video projection. This is discussed with examples from artistic expressions in various forms, and illustrated with some examples from the author’s practice in interactive audiovisual installations, and real time mobile projection performances and activities.
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