Vibro-Acoustic Distributed Sensing for Large-Scale Data-Driven Leak Detection on Urban Distribution Mains.

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Journal Article
Sensors (Basel), 2022, 22, (18), pp. 1-15
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Non-surfacing leaks constitute the dominant source of water losses for utilities worldwide. This paper presents advanced data-driven analysis methods for leak monitoring using commercial field-deployable semi-permanent vibro-acoustic sensors, evaluated on live data collected from extensive multi-sensor deployments across a sprawling metropolitan city. This necessarily includes a wide variety of pipeline sizes, materials and surrounding soils, as well as leak sources and rates brought about by external factors. The novel proposition for structural pipe health monitoring shows that excellent leak/no-leak classification results (>94% accuracy) can be observed using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) trained with Short-Time Fourier Transforms (STFTs) of the raw audio files. Most notably, it is shown how this can be achieved irrespective of the sensor used, with four models from different manufactures being part of the investigation, and over time across extended densely populated areas.
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