Leaderless Consensus of Semilinear Hyperbolic Multiagent Systems with Semipositive or Seminegative Definite Convection

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Journal Article
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, 2022, 2022, pp. 1-8
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This paper deals with a leaderless consensus of semilinear first-order hyperbolic partial differential equation-based multiagent systems (HPDEMASs). A consensus controller under an undirected graph is designed. Dealing with different convection assumptions, two different boundary conditions are presented, one right endpoint and the other left endpoint. Two sufficient conditions for leaderless consensus of HPDEMAS are presented by giving the gain range in the case of the symmetric seminegative definite convection coefficient and the semipositive definite convection coefficient, respectively. Two examples are presented to show the effectiveness of the control methods.
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