Augmentation of Densest Subgraph Finding Unsupervised Feature Selection Using Shared Nearest Neighbor Clustering

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Journal Article
Algorithms, 2023, 16, (1), pp. 28
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Determining the optimal feature set is a challenging problem, especially in an unsupervised domain. To mitigate the same, this paper presents a new unsupervised feature selection method, termed as densest feature graph augmentation with disjoint feature clusters. The proposed method works in two phases. The first phase focuses on finding the maximally non-redundant feature subset and disjoint features are added to the feature set in the second phase. To experimentally validate, the efficiency of the proposed method has been compared against five existing unsupervised feature selection methods on five UCI datasets in terms of three performance criteria, namely clustering accuracy, normalized mutual information, and classification accuracy. The experimental analyses have shown that the proposed method outperforms the considered methods.
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