Realistic prediction and engineering of high-Q modes to implement stable Fano resonances in acoustic devices.

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Journal Article
Nat Commun, 2023, 14, (1), pp. 6847
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Quasi-bound states in the continuum (QBICs) coupling into the propagating spectrum manifest themselves as high-quality factor (Q) modes susceptible to perturbations. This poses a challenge in predicting stable Fano resonances for realistic applications. Besides, where and when the maximum field enhancement occurs in real acoustic devices remains elusive. In this work, we theoretically predict and experimentally demonstrate the existence of a Friedrich-Wintgen BIC in an open acoustic cavity. We provide direct evidence for a QBIC by mapping the pressure field inside the cavity using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV), which provides the missing field enhancement data. Furthermore, we design a symmetry-reduced BIC and achieve field enhancement by a factor of about three compared to the original cavity. LDV measurements are a promising technique for obtaining high-Q modes' missing field enhancement data. The presented results facilitate the future applications of BICs in acoustics as high-intensity sound sources, filters, and sensors.
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