Examining the content validity of the birthing unit design spatial evaluation tool within a woman-centered framework

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Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, 2011, 56 (5), pp. 494 - 502
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Introduction: The environment for birth influences women in labor. Optimal birthing environments have the potential to facilitate normal labor and birth. The measurement of optimal birth units is currently not possible because there are no tools. An audit tool, the Birth Unit Design Spatial Evaluation Tool (BUDSET), was developed to assess the optimality of birthing environments. The BUDSET is based on 4 domains (fear cascade, facility, aesthetics, support), each comprising design principles that are further differentiated into specific assessable design items. In the process of developing measurement tools, content validity must be established. The aim of this study was to establish the content validity of the BUDSET from the perspective of women and midwives. Methods: This was a mixed-methods study with a survey assessing agreement with BUDSET items and in-depth interviews. Survey results were analyzed using an item-level content validity index and a survey-level validity index. Interview data were analyzed using a directed content analysis approach. The study was conducted in 2 locations-a major maternity hospital and a midwifery research center, both in Australia. Study participants were 10 women and 2 midwifery academics. Results: The survey revealed that content-related validity varied according to the BUDSET domain, with the domains of facility and support established as content valid by most participants. The domains of the fear cascade and aesthetic were less strong, particularly among pregnant women. Interview data analysis provided content validity evidence of both the fear cascade and aesthetic domains. A further 4 subthemes of fear cascade also were identified: foreign space, medical-hospital-emergency, being sterile/clinical, and protecting the woman from the environment. Content validity evidence for facility and support domains also was established. Discussion: This study has established that the BUDSET is content valid for assessing the optimality of birthing environments. Some further refinement of the tool is now possible. © 2011 by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.
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