Software infrastructure for wireless sensor and actuator networks

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings - ICSEng 2011: International Conference on Systems Engineering, 2011, pp. 474 - 479
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In the development of large ad-hoc Wireless Sensor and Actuator Agent Networks (SANETS), a multitude of disparate problems are faced. In order for these networks to function, software must be able to effectively manage: unreliable dynamic distributed communication, the power constraints of un-wired devices, failure of hardware devices in hostile environments and the remote allocation of distributed processing tasks throughout the network. The solutions to these problems must be solved in a highly scalable manner. The paper describes the process of analysis of the requirements and presents a design of a service-oriented software infrastructure (middleware) solution for scalable ad-hoc networks, in a context of a system made of mobile sensors and actuators. © 2011 IEEE.
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